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Want to get a fresh, delicious and gigantic vegan burger in Tokyo?

VEGANIC TO GO is a cozy cafe located just few minutes away from Roppongi Midtown. It’s one of the few places in Tokyo where everything in the menu is vegan. Not only that, it’s also a GMO-free, additives-free, MSG-free, refined-sugar-free and microwave-free place! (Now, that’s a whole lot of frees!)

It was started by a Jivamukti yogi, so it has this nice yogic vibe to it. The small eat-in space is always crowded with hungry vegans:) If the space is full, you can always take the food to go so you can have a nice picnic meal at the park area inside Midtown.

Burger – the cafe’s specialty – comes in 4 kinds: tofu + avocado, teriyaki vegan cutlet, fysh cutlet with vegan tartar sauce and black bean patty. You can also choose from two types of buns: white or BLACK (from charcoal!).

Not in the mood for a burger? No problem! The cafe also offers a menu of brown rice bowls with curry, vegan meat dish etc.

I love how the food here has Japanese twists that are familiar for Japanese but a bit different and fun to try for non-Japanese. For example, the teriyaki cutlet burger has nori (Japanese seaweed) in it and the combination of fysh cutlet and tartar is a typical dish you find at any Japanese cutlet restaurant.

Highly recommended for quick lunch or dinner for vegans and all health-conscious eaters!

1F Nogizaka studio, 7-4-14 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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