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Vegan meatballs using tempeh and tofu cheese!

Vegan meatballs can be made with different foods, such as beans and nuts, but I like to use my homemade tempeh made with okara. Tempeh has a cakey texture and is perfect for forming into balls. In addition to tempeh, I’m using tofu cheese, which adds a bit of sourness and cheese-like texture.

In place of breadcrumbs, I’m using fu (a Japanese food made of wheat protein – gluten) here. It absorbs liquid a lot more than breadcrumbs and makes the balls fluffy and spongy.

Fu should be pounded into small pieces by using a roller, meat pounder or… back of a wine bottle;)

Grind tempeh in a blender or food processor and crumble tofu cheese by a fork. The amount of tempeh and tofu cheese to use should be 3 to 1 in proportion. Add salt and pepper to taste and some Italian seasoning/herbs. Add oatmeal (ground whole oats) until the mixture forms into a dough.

Add some pounded fu pieces.

Form the mixture into small balls and coat them with ground almonds.

Pan fry the balls with olive oil until the surface is browned.

Bake in an oven at 220 C for 10-15 min.

Top your favorite tomato sauce with these vegan meatballs and serve with freshly-cooked pasta. Or you can make vegan meatball sandwich:) The tempeh balls are crunchy outside and moist & fluffy inside! Yummm!!

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