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Okinawan style stir-fry “champuru” using gluten-free and low-carb tofu somen noodles!


This is the last recipe I’m sharing (for now anyway!) using tofu somen noodles🙂 From somen with dipping sauce to in cold soup and mixed with sauce, tofu noodles are great for such a variety of dishes, and stir-fry is one of them. The regular somen noodles (made with wheat) tend to dry up and stick together when not kept in water, so it’s not easy to make stir-fry with it. Tofu noodles work wonderfully because they don’t dry up, stick together or easily fall apart.

“Champuru” is a stir-fry dish from the island of Okinawa in Japan, which I’ve shared here before.  It’s one of my favorite summer dishes to make:)

Cut a bitter gourd in half and remove the white spongy part and seeds. Take a quarter of the bitter gourd and thinly slice it.

Pour hot water over 1 fried tofu pouch to remove excess oil. Thinly slice it.

Heat 1 Tbsp rice bran oil in a pan and add 3g julienned ginger. Once the ginger starts to produce nice smell, add bitter gourd and tofu pouch. Stir.

Add 1 tsp shio-koji (or regular salt).

Add half a pack of bean sprouts (washed and drained). Put a lid on and steam for 30 sec.

Add 1 pack tofu noodles (drained). Stir well.

Make a small space in the middle and add 1 tsp soy sauce. Once the soy sauce starts to produce nice smell, stir well.

Done! I love champuru because once you cut the vegetables, it’s very quick and easy to make. With tofu noodles in it, there is no need to serve the champuru with rice, so this dish alone serves as a meal! Also, tofu noodles stay firm and silky even after the stir-fry is left to cool, so you can pack this dish in a container for lunch:) Enjoy!

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