Spiced Tempeh Pasta

Vegan tempeh pasta with ethnic spices – big flavors, simple recipe!


Green and Black Tempeh Making

How to make tempeh at home in two beautiful colors – green and black!

vegan-thai-green-curry ヴィーガンタイグリーンカレー

Vegan Thai Green Curry

Freshly-made vegan Thai green curry with grilled tempeh – simply irresistible!

non-fry tempeh cutlet ノンフライテンペカツ

Non-Fry Tempeh Sandwich Cutlet

Healthy “non-fry” tempeh cutlet with vegan mayonnaise dripping – simply irresistible!

Vegan meatballs ヴィーガンミートボール

Vegan Meatballs

Vegan meatballs using homemade tempeh!

Homemade tempeh

Tempeh Making – Two Ways

Love and can’t get enough of tempeh? Good news! There is an easy way to make tempeh at home!


Rainbow Roast

Summerish-colored dish with big flavors! A great choice for a home party, yet simple and easy to make:)

vegan gyoza

Vegan Gyoza

Love gyoza but can’t find it vegan? Make it at home!