Spiced Tempeh Pasta

Vegan tempeh pasta with ethnic spices – big flavors, simple recipe!

vegan Japanese curry 小麦粉不使用ヴィ―ガンカレー

Vegan Japanese Curry

Thick and tasty vegan Japanese curry made from scratch using a dutch oven – gluten-free recipe!

Thai rice タイ米

How to Cook Thai Jasmine Rice

Freshly cooked Thai jasmine rice is a must for any Thai meal and it’s really easy to make!

Napa-cabbage-mille-feuille 白菜のミルフィーユ鍋

Napa Cabbage “Mille-feuille”

This napa cabbage “mille-feuille” is not only beautiful in its appearance but also amazingly flavorful with only four main ingredients!