Vegan sukiyaki ヴィーガンすき焼き

Vegan Sukiyaki

Vegan sukiyaki that’s delicious, healthy and economical!

Okara konjac おからこんにゃく

How to Make Okara Konjac

Okara konjac – a great vegan substitute for meat/seafood – is quite easy to make if you can get the ingredients!

Okara konjac stir fry

Quickest Fail Proof Stir-fry

Quickest stir-fry that comes out perfect every time? Here it is!

Vegan shoyu ramen

Vegan Shoyu Ramen

This vegan shoyu ramen is not a super quick dish to make, but the taste of the hearty bowl is well worth the effort!


Koya Dofu Cutlet

Crunchy and juicy vegan cutlet!

Homemade tempeh

Tempeh Making – Two Ways

Love and can’t get enough of tempeh? Good news! There is an easy way to make tempeh at home!


Bitter-gourd Stir Fry

Looking for a delicious bitter gourd recipe? Here it is!


How to Prep Tofu – Two Ways

Prep tofu the right way to make a delicious tofu dish!


Rainbow Roast

Summerish-colored dish with big flavors! A great choice for a home party, yet simple and easy to make:)

vegan gyoza

Vegan Gyoza

Love gyoza but can’t find it vegan? Make it at home!