onigirazu おにぎらず

Easy Rice Sandwich Onigirazu

Easy-to-make rice sandwich with fresh plant-based ingredients!

veg broth ベジブロス

How to Make Veg Broth

Easy, nutritious and eco-friendly way to make veg broth!

Vegan dashi stock ヴィーガン出汁

How to Make Vegan Dashi Stock

Super easy way to make vegan dashi stock – essential for Japanese cooking!

Cole slaw over grilled avocado アボカドグリルのコールスローのっけ

Cole Slaw Over Grilled Avocado

Cole slaw using vegan mayo and onion dressing – perfectly refreshing for hot summer!

Onion dressing みじん切り玉ねぎマリネ

Onion Dressing

This onion dressing is easy to make and creates an extra edge to any vegetable dish!

Vegan mayonnaise ヴィーガンマヨネーズ

Vegan Mayonnaise

Super quick & easy to make vegan mayonnaise that’s perfect for salad, sandwich, dipping…!

Koji-condiments 麹調味料

Koji Musketeers

If I were asked to name staple condiments for Japanese cooking, I would say the koji musketeers!

Homemade vegan kimchi

Homemade Vegan Kimchi – Two Ways

Why make your own kimchi at home?