Vegan sukiyaki ヴィーガンすき焼き

Vegan Sukiyaki

Vegan sukiyaki that’s delicious, healthy and economical!

Okara konjac stir fry

Quickest Fail Proof Stir-fry

Quickest stir-fry that comes out perfect every time? Here it is!

Vegan shoyu ramen

Vegan Shoyu Ramen

This vegan shoyu ramen is not a super quick dish to make, but the taste of the hearty bowl is well worth the effort!

Vegan liver and chinese chives stir fry

Vegan “Liver” and Chinese Chives Stir-fry

Delicious Chinese vegan stir-fry dish that you can also make with any vegetable and/or meat substitute of your choice!

non fry kabocha pumpkin croquette (korokke)

Non-fry Kabocha Pumpkin Croquette (Korokke)

Perfectly-crunchy “non-fry” croquette (korokke) using Japanese pumpkin, kabocha – healthy, delicious and super easy to make!

Non-fry Japanese potato croquette korokke

Non-fry Japanese Potato Croquette (Korokke)

This non-fry Japanese potato croquette (korokke) is not only healthy and delicious but also requires no pot or pan to make!

Homemade panko breadcrumbs

Homemade Panko Breadcrumbs

Making airy and fluffy panko breadcrumbs at home is super quick and easy!


Koya Dofu Cutlet

Crunchy and juicy vegan cutlet!

Homemade tempeh

Tempeh Making – Two Ways

Love and can’t get enough of tempeh? Good news! There is an easy way to make tempeh at home!

Homemade vegan kimchi

Homemade Vegan Kimchi – Two Ways

Why make your own kimchi at home?