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Vegan somen-tofu-noodles ヴィーガンそうめん

Cold Somen Noodles

Japanese cold gluten-free and low-carb tofu noodles with vegan sauce!

Vegan dashi stock ヴィーガン出汁

How to Make Vegan Dashi Stock

Super easy way to make vegan dashi stock – essential for Japanese cooking!

Cole slaw over grilled avocado アボカドグリルのコールスローのっけ

Cole Slaw Over Grilled Avocado

Cole slaw using vegan mayo and onion dressing – perfectly refreshing for hot summer!

Onion dressing みじん切り玉ねぎマリネ

Onion Dressing

This onion dressing is easy to make and creates an extra edge to any vegetable dish!

vegan mayo panini ヴィーガン・マヨ パニーニ

Vegan Mayo Panini

If you have homemade vegan mayonnaise in your fridge, you have to try making this panini with grilled summer vegetables!

non-fry tempeh cutlet ノンフライテンペカツ

Non-Fry Tempeh Sandwich Cutlet

Healthy “non-fry” tempeh cutlet with vegan mayonnaise dripping – simply irresistible!

Vegan mayonnaise ヴィーガンマヨネーズ

Vegan Mayonnaise

Super quick & easy to make vegan mayonnaise that’s perfect for salad, sandwich, dipping…!

Vegan saag paneer ヴィーガン・サグパニール

Vegan Saag Paneer – Spinach “Cheese” Curry

Vegan saag paneer (spinach cheese curry) using cheese-like pickled tofu!

Vegan meatballs ヴィーガンミートボール

Vegan Meatballs

Vegan meatballs using homemade tempeh!

Pickled tofu 豆腐のレモン漬け

Feta-Cheese-Like Pickled Tofu

Super easy to make vegan feta cheese, anyone?