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Easy, nutritious and eco-friendly way to make veg broth!


Various vegetable broth products are available at stores, but I like to make my own at home using vegetables that usually get discarded in the cooking process. That way, the broth is freshly made without any preservative and also contains a lot of nutrition!

When I peel vegetables like carrot and onion, I put the peels/skin on newspaper by the window. After drying for few days, dried peels/skin can be stored in the fridge and used whenever needed.

To make the broth, put dried vegetables in boiling water.

Stop the heat, put the lid on and set aside for 10-15 min to let the water soak up all the vegetable essence.

Remove the vegetables. That’s it!

This veg broth can be used for making soup, cooking vegetables, making sauce, etc.

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