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Changes After 9 Months of Being Vegan

Things that changed or not changed after I became a flexi-vegan 9 months ago.


Spiced Tempeh Pasta

Vegan tempeh pasta with ethnic spices – big flavors, simple recipe!


Green and Black Tempeh Making

How to make tempeh at home in two beautiful colors – green and black!


Vegan Fried Rice with Leftover Gyoza Stuffing

What to do when you make too much stuffing for gyoza making? Fried rice!

three colored vegan gyoza

Three Colored Vegan Gyoza

How to make naturally-colored gyoza skin/wrapper from scratch – gluten-free recipe!

vegan Japanese dumplings gyoza

Vegan Japanese Dumplings Gyoza

Basic gyoza recipe using soy meat and extra cabbage!

vegan-thai-tofu-curry ヴィーガンタイ豆腐カレー

Vegan Thai Tofu Curry

Spicy, rich and creamy vegan Thai tofu curry – you won’t believe it’s made with tofu!

vegan Japanese dry curry ヴィーガンドライカレー

Vegan Japanese Dry Curry

Quick and easy-to-make Japanese “dry” curry using lots of beans and veggies!

vegan Japanese dry curry ヴィーガンドライカレー



vegan Japanese curry 小麦粉不使用ヴィ―ガンカレー

Vegan Japanese Curry

Thick and tasty vegan Japanese curry made from scratch using a dutch oven – gluten-free recipe!